2010-01-05 19:14:46

Note to remember

Section: Art

I'm in university at the moment and it's exorbitant boring. I'm so excited on friday. I just wanted to ensure that you remember where you'll be on 8th this week. I finished my last image today. After two mistaken ones, this one is finally good enough to be called the last one for this exhibition. The next days and weeks will be full of university and a lot of work! But hopefully, in march I'll have enough time to do something creative again.

2009-12-12 15:57:28

Exhibition in the new Year

Section: Art

Hey everyone, as you already read in the headline I'll have my first exhibition in 2010 on 8th of January. Doors will open at 17 P.M. and it is totally free. Now the most important information: The show is set up in Lahnstein (Haus der Generationen), and presents a compilation of the latest work of Sebastian König and me. Sebastian König, also known as SpleenundIdeal is studiying Psychology in Austria, Salzburg. I'm very glad he shares this show with me. For further information about him, please visit his website at Spleenundideal. We both paint with acryl, me on canvas, Sebastian on several other media. There'll also be some live acoustic music from Sebastian Nouvortne and me. I hope to see your face on 08.01.2010 as well.
Have a nice weekend.